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Category : Engagement

29 Nov 2015

Allie & Ben – Engagement (Patapsco State Park)

We decided on Patapsco State Park because of theĀ sentimental value it had to Allie and Ben. Allie has been mountain bike riding at this park since she was a little girl. Now its a spot where her and Ben can bring Abbie and Rylee to run off some energy. We definitely took advantage of the warm temperature mother nature was giving us on this special day. The engagement session went smoothly and I’m ecstatic to be able to capture Allie […]

24 Nov 2015

Ashley & Ben – Engagement (Washington, D.C.)

Don’t even know where to start….. Ashley and Ben have a connection I rarely see in a couple. From sitting down at her parents kitchen table discussing all the aspects of the upcoming wedding to the family’s history and whats planned for the future. It was just surreal! The engagement session took place in downtown Washington D.C. on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had a fabulous time just walking around the city, talking and capturing special moments. Ashley and Ben, […]

25 Oct 2014

Brittany & Garreth – Engagement (National Arboretum)

Winter is just about over and love is blooming. Brittany and Garreth made the Engagement Session very special. It was a bit of a hazard walking through the Washington D.C. National Arboretum with all the snow. At times all of us were dodging falling water from the melting snow. But in the end, the session ending beautifully! I wish Brittany and Garreth the best and I thank them both for allowing me to capture the beginning of their journey. The […]

19 Apr 2014

Trelonia & Sidney – Engagement (Laurel Race Track)

After receiving a call from Trelonia about the options of where to shoot the Engagement session, we decided to give Laurel Race Track/Park a go. Hey its a unique location! It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and as a photographer, I couldnā€™t ask for the weather to be any better. Right from the start Trelonia and Sidney clicked with me and my camera! It truly did make my job that much easier to accomplish in the time frame we were […]

08 Mar 2014

Tianna & Tim – Engagement (Washington D.C.)

With winter being a little stubborn here in the Washington D.C. area this year, Tianna and Tim made the absolute best out of being in the cold climate. They met in July of 2011 through a mutual friend and although living in separate states, love brought them together. After 4 months of dating, Tim decided to move to Maryland to pursue his career goals and a relationship with Tianna. I can speak on a personal note, it was such a […]

01 Mar 2014

Hue & Dan – Engagement – (Washington D.C.)

Being one of the most influential cities in the world, Washington D.C had become home to Hue and Dan for some time now. So I figured why not take the opportunity to show a little bit of this beautiful city in their engagement session. At any rate, it would be their last photogenic opportunity before their long journey to the West Coast to move and get married. I have such great memories from this session — I couldn’t believe the […]