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Trelonia & Sidney – Engagement (Laurel Race Track)

After receiving a call from Trelonia about the options of where to shoot the Engagement session, we decided to give Laurel Race Track/Park a go. Hey its a unique location! It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and as a photographer, I couldn’t ask for the weather to be any better. Right from the start Trelonia and Sidney clicked with me and my camera! It truly did make my job that much easier to accomplish in the time frame we were working with. Laurel Race Track is huge and has a large amount of area to cover. We started from the main entrance and worked our way around the whole stadium (inside and out).

I can honestly say, when you’re having fun during a shoot, time goes by fast! Congratulations to Trelonia and Sidney! Hope you enjoy the photos and I’ll be seeing you again in the upcoming months!

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